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Brent RingGo parking permits

Important Notice:

If you are new to RingGo, you will receive an SMS message when trying to register.

However, if you don't receive an SMS within 2 minutes, you may already be registered with RingGo. To reactivate your account, please use the forgotten password option to log in. Here's the link: RingGo reset password

Existing permits and vouchers

If you already have an existing valid digital permit, it has automatically been transferred, but only permits purchased on RingGo are visible.

Enforcement officers have details of existing valid virtual permits so you should not be issued with a penalty charge notice.

You will receive an automatic email reminder 7 and 14 days in advance to let you know when your permit will expire. 


You will need a parking permit if you live or operate within a Controlled Parking Zone and wish to park during restricted hours.

The location and parking bays you can park in will depend on the type of permit that you hold.

Register with RingGo to apply for, buy and manage your permits online. Select the permit you need and follow the simple instructions.