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Senior Citizen Visitor Voucher Permit Information

Visitor vouchers allow residents' visitors to park in a resident permit holder parking place in the designated Controlled Parking Zone. Only residents within the Controlled Parking Zones may purchase visitor vouchers. To check your address is eligible please refer to

To purchase your virtual visitor vouchers you just need to register online and then apply for a visitor voucher application. Once approved, you will then be able to allocate a voucher to your visitor's vehicle when they arrive. You can book visitor vouchers online or using our smartphone apps or by calling 0203 046 0005. If you have used RingGo before and have the text message settings switched on you will automatically receive text messages for visitor vouchers. To change your settings click here.

Setting up a Visitor Voucher Account is a three stage process - firstly you need to register with RingGo, then complete the visitor voucher application form and once that has been approved you can proceed to purchase visitor vouchers.

Step 1: Complete the RingGo registration form to register with the software provider that provides the online voucher system by clicking the register button below.

Step 2: Complete the visitor voucher application form. Once the application has been authorised it will be valid for one year and can be renewed when it is due to expire.

Step 3: You can purchase virtual vouchers now that your application has been authorised. You can purchase your vouchers at any time and allocate the voucher to your visitor's vehicle either on arrival or in advance if you know the date and time your visitor will arrive.

Senior Citizen Visitor Voucher Permit Costs
Duration Cost
Per Hour £0.10
Per Day £0.75
Per Week £3.75


Please note: Optional text messages for using this service cost 10 pence each.