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School Staff Permit Information

  1. This permit is only available to staff directly employed by a school that is located within a controlled parking zone and has been accredited a bronze stars standard (school travel plan agreed standard by Transport for London).

    This permit is valid during the council's prescribed term times only and will not be valid during school holidays, (please check main council website for details).

    You will need to supply:

    • Letter from school confirming your eligibility for the permit.

    • Proof of vehicle.

    Photographs of documents will be accepted if you do not have access to a scanner. Permit is valid in residential shared use bays only.

    The applicant must not reside within the borough of Waltham Forest.

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  3. Applying for a permit online is a three stage process, firstly you need to register with RingGo, then complete the permit application form and once that has been approved you can purchase your permit.

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School Staff Permit Costs
  1. CO2 emissions or Engine CC Annual Cost
    Up to 100 g/km £200.00
    101–170 g/km / up to 1549cc £400.00
    Over 171 g/km / Over 1549cc £600.00