Business Permit Information

  1. Business parking permits are now e-permits, there is no need to display a physical permit. A benefit of moving to a e-permit is that you are able to start using the permit immediately. Civil Enforcement Officers will be able to identify which vehicle is covered to park by the vehicle registration number.

    Business e-permits are not issued for normal parking needs of employees or clients. You must provide proof that the permit is essential for the function of your business.

    Each permit can hold 1 vehicle at a time but this vehicle may be changed as many times as needed throughout the length of the permit, to cover other vehicles within your business. Only 1 vehicle is permitted to park at any one time though. There is a maximum of 2 permits per business. It will be the responsibility of the business to manage which vehicle is being covered. You will receive an email explaining how to do this on authorisation of your application.

    * Please be aware that if any of the vehicles you register are a diesel, a surcharge of £75 will apply. This surcharge is applicable if any diesel vehicle is registered irrespective of the duration the vehicle is used for.

    In order for the application to be completed you will need to provide the following:


    • Proof of Company - Business rates bill or 2 utility bills dated within the last 3 months

    • A Statement of Justification - A business headed letter clearly stating why the permit is required in conjunction with the running of the business. The letter will also need to mention the name(s) of the employee(s) and the vehicle details including registration numbers and fuel types of all vehicle(s)

Business Permit Costs
  1. Permit Type Cost per 6 months
    Business Permit (excluding Zones W1 - W5)  £331
    Business Permit (Zones W1 - W5)  £376